Crowstar sighed, sitting along the edge of the fence.  He gazed into twolegplace, all that surrounded him.  It had been so long since any clan had lived in a forest.  If any still existed...

All they had to go on were the stories their mothers told them about the clans that used to live there, before the twoleg nests filled the space where trees once grew.  He and his peers met every so often in an empty lot, held a meeting, tried practicing as their ancestors had before them.  They would gaze up at night and see few stars twinkling.  What remained of StarClan?

The black and white tom was silent.  He didn't even hear the fluffy pale brown tom approach.  

"Crowstar," Thornpelt mewed.

"What?" Crowstar replied.

Thornpelt swished his bushy tail, "I've received a sign from our ancestors."

Surprised, Crowstar's ears pricked, "What?"

The medicine cat nodded, "We must follow the red tail."

"Redtail?" Crowstar echoed, then scoffed, "But he's been dead for moons beyond moons!"  The cat was a legend, as were Tigerstar and Firestar.  No one could forget them.

It wasn't until later that he would understand.  Gathered with his "clan", Crowstar stood before them.  And then it happened.  A large bird flew over them, the cats cowered.  But Crowstar noticed something: the hawk's tail was red.  

He cried out, "Follow it!"

Confused, but not daring to argue with their leader, the cats raced after him as he chased the bird of prey.  It did not harm any cat.  Instead, it led them to a lake surrounded by grass and trees.  They were home.

And they had a name.

They were HawkClan.

Left to right: Cherrydapple (she-cat, deputy), Rowandust (tom, warrior), Crowstar (tom, leader), Thornpelt (tom, medicine cat), Redstripe (she-cat, warrior), Cloudpatch (tom, warrior), Brackenbloom (she-cat, elder), Dustsong (she-cat, warrior), Duskflower (she-cat, warrior), Bluestep (tom, warrior), Blazespot (tom, warrior)

Clan news!

Dustsong and Cloudpatch are proud new parents; they have a new daughter named Lightkit.